Tuesday, May 24, 2016


If you have enjoyed playing Diamond Dash game then you will positively get plsure in playing Pet Rescue Saga since both the games are similar to ch other as they are based on block-matching games.Pet Rescue Saga is an engaging game where you need to meet certain goals in ch puzzle. For this you will need a lot of ‘lives’ and to rn them, most of the players opt for and . can help in rning innumerable amount of ‘lives’ sily. Moreover, they even provide a lot of benefits to the user. One such program that is inbuilt with numerous benefits is our Pet Rescue Saga 2013.
Pet Rescue Interface is made by our professional designer and it`s rlly sy to use it.
About Pet Rescue - Anti-Ban Protection- Use Proxy- Tested and fully working an accurate of 99% working rate
Pet Rescue Details- Version: 6.9 (2013)- Operating System: /Mac/Linux- Browsers: Opera, Chroma, IE, Safari, Firefox and other
How to use Pet Rescue 1. Download Pet Rescue from2. Run it3. Login to Facebook.3. Enter the ammount of resources4. Click [APPLY ] button5. Enjoy![box]

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